Members of the Academic Council

Bruchhausen, PD Dr. Walter; Universität Bonn
Eckholt, Professor Dr. Margit; Universität Osnabrück
Franz, Professor Dr. Albert; TU Dresden
Hannick, Professor Dr. Christian; Universität Würzburg
Krems, Professor Dr. Josef; TU Chemnitz
Kreig, Pfarrer Hans-Jörg; KHG Karlsruhe
Kües, Professor Dr. Ursula; Universität Göttingen
Lauth, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim; Universität Würzburg
Maas, Professor Dr. Gerhard; Universität Ulm
Nestmann, Professor Dr. Franz; Universität TH Karlsruhe
Neuser, Professor Dr. Heinz; Fachhochschule Bielefeld
Schulz, Professor Dr. Thomas F.; Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Speer, Professor Dr. Andreas; Universität Köln
Stockinger, Professor Dr. Claudia; Universität Göttingen
Wagner, Professor Dr. Wolfgang; Universität Mainz
Weber, Dr. Karl; Misereor Aachen
Wiemeyer, Professor Dr. Joachim; Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Wittreck, Professor Dr. Fabian; Universität Münster
Zeitz, Professor Dr. Michael; Universität Stuttgart


KAAD-Alumni today

Neghist Tesfaye (Ethipoia)

Dr. Neghist Tesfaye from Ethiopia, well experienced medical doctor and trained expert of Public Health, can look back on a considerable number of professional achievements. She has ample experience as a pediatrician and was later entrusted with several management positions in the public sector and the UN. Since 2007 she has been a member of the KAAD partner committee for Ethiopia. Through her numerous contacts within the church and public administration, she is very capable of representing KAAD in her home country.


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