Studying in Germany: Integration and Reintegration

You are interested in studying in Germany?
You should consult these websites for a first orientation.

The Site of our colleagues from DAAD offers broad information on universities, study programs, and also on ‘Studying German’. Particularly helpful is the DAAD Research Explorer. We also recommend the Hochschulkompass offered by the Conference of German University Presidents.

The website of the Protestant scholarship programs offers information for Protestant applicants.

You are getting ready for doing post-graduate studies in Germany?
The following websites may be of interest to you:

Most German diplomatic representations have their own homepages. The DAAD also offers information about living, studying, and doing research in Germany. We also recommend the most informative site "Facts about Germany". For general information about the town or city you plan to stay the site of the Association of German Municipalities (Deutscher Städtetag) offers important links. For finding accommodations you should contact the office of Student Services (Studentenwerk) of your university.

You are close to returning home and looking for employment?
You should not miss these sites:

First of all, you cannot start too early thinking of how to set up your professional reintegration at home. Doing internships and gaining work experience is a first step. Internship fairs offer IAESTE and AIESEC. Seminars and further advice on professional re-integration is also offered by World University Service.  Another organization that might help you finding a job back home is CIM. For financial assistance in the process of your professional reintegration you may turn to ZAV. KAAD alumni associations may sometimes also be able to help.


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